Maple Old Fashioned (Ish)

I was inspired the other night by the 3-ingredient Happy Hour blog on using maple syrup for an old fashioned.  It was simple, amazing, and delicious.  So I took a look at my ingredient cupboard and found I still had some ginger maple syrup from a trip to Montreal from 2017, and I thought "why … Continue reading Maple Old Fashioned (Ish)



What You'll Need:1 bottle vodka (750ml.)2 lemons, rinsed (ideally organic, Meyer lemons)CheeseclothTwine To Finish:1 cups simple syrup (I used the juice from the two lemons as part of the fluid for the simple syrup to add to the flavor (50/50 water and sugar by weight)Zest of two lemons (new, fresh Meyers) Directions:Pour vodka into a … Continue reading Limoncello

Strawberry Liqueur – Freeman

We had some friends over for dinner the other night and I served up some of my homemade strawberry liqueur.  Something about strawberries has always reminded me of summer, the flavor of a good ripe strawberry takes me back to when I was a kid and we would go berry picking out near my grandparents … Continue reading Strawberry Liqueur – Freeman