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No Mayo Potato Salad

1/2 Cup Pickle Brine (Pick your favorite, we make our own so we of course favor that.) Fistful of Dill 1 – TBSP olive oil 1 – Tsp Rice Vinegar 1 – Medium Carrot Diced (Small) 2 – Stalks Celery Diced (Small) 1 – Large Pickle Diced (Small) 4 – Large Russet Potatoes (Diced) Dice …

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Colcannon – Freeman

3 Red Skin Potatoes 3 Yellow Flesh potatoes 1/2 head green cabbage shredded 3 cups button mushrooms chopped or sliced 2 cups beef stock 5 shots whiskey 2 tablespoons sea salt 2 tablespoon ground black pepper ½ cup unsalted butter 4 ounces whole milk Wash the potatoes but leave the skins in place, cut roughly …

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Irish Stew – Trent

2 lbs chuck roast (cut into 1-inch cubes) 1/4 cup flour 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. pepper 2 tbsp. vegetable oil 1 small onion, finely chopped 1/2 cup beef stock 1 bay leaf 2 cups carrots 4 medium potatoes (peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks) Combine the flour, salt and pepper into a large bag and …

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