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Tips for getting into the Holiday Spirit!

I know it can be hard getting into the spirit when we’re all so busy with work, parties and shopping but here are 6 tips to get yourself into a childish level of holiday spirit. With most of these you should giggle at how ridiculous you are!

1. Put an Xmas movie on while you’re getting ready in the morning. Every year it changes for me, this year it’s Polar Express. I can’t get enough of Tom Hanks calming voice in the morning.


2. Drink your morning coffee out of a holiday mug, Dollarama has all kinds!


3. Listen to Christmas radio at work (use ear phones, if your co-workers have kids they will be sick of listening to it at home)

Toronto 98.1 FM

4. Go to Dollarama and buy some easy Christmas crafts, don’t think you’re crafty? Buy a freaking colouring book people! Either way make something and hang it in your house. And while you’re there buy a mug!


Easy craft ideas: Paper Snowflakes – I love these! Hang them anywhere!


5. This one’s for all my friends with young babies (or at least kids who can’t fight back yet) dress them up in silly holiday outfit and take photos. You don’t have to be Anne Geddes here but just plop them on the couch or put a sheet behind them and take pics. FYI Grandparents love these and their future partners will too, your kids…not to much but who cares they can’t talk yet.


6. All of that seem like too much work? Wear Christmas socks! Again Dollarama has some.

Lumber Sexy? Check out these hotties from Pook!


(Please note combination any of the tips, watching holiday movie, drinking out of a festive mug, Christmas crafts AND wearing POOK socks! BOOM you’re festive! BEAT THAT SANTA!)

Dan Freeman

Tuesday 22nd of December 2020

I love the "but who cares they can't talk yet." when you make goofy pictures of them.